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Jomblang Cave

16 Jul 2016

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Jomblang Cave is famous vertical cave by the divine light of its coming in through the hole entrance, the cave is located in the district Semanu precisely Pacar Rejo Village, Gunungkidul people used to call with Luweng Jomblang, the meaning of the word luweng is a vertical hole, Semanu Village there are more than 300 caves but the most famous Jomblang cave.

The cave is now managed by Mr. Cahyo Alkantana speleology experts; to enter this cave takes special tools due to its horizontal vertical cave. Actually there are two caves here Jomblang cave is an ancient forest  and Grubug  cave with his divine light, two- both have a different charm, Jomblang cave has a depth of about 80m while Grubug  cave has a depth of 120m.

In the Jomblang cave we will sent down by the operator wears a pulley right on the edge of an ancient forest, the forest is said to be above, but with time and earthquake struck the end of this forest collapse and forming a hole with a diameter of more than 200m, this cave has also been used as a dumping ground corpses of the robbers and PKI, but in line with its development of the era of the cave is now used as tourist attractions, the appeal of this cave is his light that penetrates the hole of the Grubug cave right at 12 noon, walk along the cave along 250 m.