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Domestic Flight

Domestic Flight Security Guide


Security Guide

1. Security Screening

  • Prepare your travel documents (valid passport, airline ticket or booking confirmation, and visa (if needed)
  • Put items containing liquids, aerosols and gel into the tray
  • Put electronic items (i.e. laptops, mobile phones, tablets) and metal (e.g., locks, coin) into another tray.
  • Loose jackets, sweaters, hats and shoes then put into a tray
  • Put your luggage in the X-ray conveyor belt
  • Physical examination will be carried out by using a walkthrough metal detector.


2. Prohibited baggage

  • Indonesia has strict regulations for passengers carrying prohibited items in flight. You are strongly advised to ask the airline staff before check-in if it is not convinced by the items in your hand luggage, to prevent unnecessary delays.


3.Guidelines for Liquids, Aerosols and Gels in Hand Bags

  • Liquids, aerosols and gels must be in containers with a capacity of a maximum of 100ml each.
  • The containers should be sealed in a transparent bag size of 1 liter.
  • Seal plastic bags should be closed tightly.
  • Each person may only carry one plastic bag sealed. This sealed bag must be presented to the clerk at the counter.
  • Exceptions are allowed for medications, baby food and other food specials.
  • Liquor or other liquids, aerosol products, and gels (over 100ml) purchased from overseas airports should be sealed in a sealed bag.


  • Prepare your travel documents as follows: Tickets as corresponding dates and Identity card
  • All luggage must be checked through the x-ray machine
  • To facilitate the inspection process, so that all metal objects such as mobile phones, keys, and other, to be put into bags
  • All passengers must go through Walk through Metal Detector (WTMD)
  • If necessary, passengers and luggage can be checked manually by Airport Security Officer
  • Report to the Security Officer if your service: Using pacemakers or Carrying of firearms
  • Not allowed to bring along sharp and dangerous items such as knives, penknives, nail clipper, cutter, lighters, matches, gas, and so forth